Our Pastor

In 1980, Pastor Chandler received the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus name and immediately felt led by God to pursue ministry. He began serving the local church in every capacity available to him, as youth pastor, worship leader, bible study teacher, Sunday school teacher, and ministry of helps to pastor Nelson Neyland. This is how he came in living for God and this is how he teaches those that have a desire to live for God. Serve God with your whole heart, love the word of God.

In the year 2000, Pastor and Sister Chandler felt called to pursue pastoral ministry and were searching the will of God for the place to minister. After trying out for several opportunities and after a little frustration, both felt the call to Central Texas. Brother David Bernard called about a church in Bastrop that was available and asked Pastor Chandler to preach for them. It was an immediate yes. May 2000 was the beginning of the journey at the POB. God has done one miracle after another in Bastrop. The amazing congregation of POB continues to grow and serve, loving God and loving people and being the conduit through which the Holy Ghost flows. They are lovers of truth and the message of Jesus Christ. The message we believe is that Jesus is God manifest in the flesh, that salvation is being baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and receiving His spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues and making ourselves ready for the rapture of the Church any day. Pastor and Sis Chandler welcome you with open arms and we are so very excited for your new journey with Jesus!