Music And Media

Elisabeth Carter
Music Minister

POB Praise Team

The POB Praise Team promotes powerful and inspiring worship and ministers during Wednesday and Sunday services. The Praise Team ministry gives people the opportunity to use their God-given talents to glorify The Lord. The POB Praise Team sings a variety of christian music styles and we are continually growing. Our main focus is to allow the Lord to have His way in our lives with the talents and abilities He's given us. When we lift our voices to The Lord in song or play our instruments, it is IMPERATIVE that the anointing flows. There are thousands and thousands of musicians and singers, but all are not anointed! The anointing must flow. Chains can be broken and destroyed at any moment when the Holy Spirit is allowed to flow! "the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing." Isaiah 10:27. All that we do is to help in ushering the congregation into the presence of The Lord.

Come worship with us as we minister to Christ Jesus in the beauty of holiness! Everything you need is in the house! Let Him bless you!

POB Media & Sound Team

It is our goal to do everything we can to help the service flow as smooth as possible. We offer Live Streaming of our services for the public or those that are not able to attend. We not only want our congregation to be blessed, but those who can’t be there to be blessed as well. The POB Media and Sound Team have a passion for these two ministries, and it’s not just a position we fill. We strive for excellence and we work hand in hand with our music team to make sure everything flows for each service. We want the anointing of God in every ministry of our church.